Monday, January 31, 2011

So far eeh eeek!

Hey there Sarah, well quite the weekend in Reno, ya done well. So where has your love, Obama restrained gun rights? In Egypt? Oh I suppose cutting off their billion dollar money to Egypt is kind of gun rights. We should probably keep this to the point at hand and Safari Club Inc, wow what a show you had, not only you, but Larry the Cable Guy and Matt Lewis as Elvis!! Neat thing is the HQ is in Tuscon, kinda WTF moment, no? Now I'm a pretty open guy, but really what is a handgun for, it actually serves only one purpose, to kill another human. That's it Sarah, the only time I have seen a handgun used in hunting is Boar, which is rare and only with people who are not that great at the sport, (I use the term sport lightly). 34 people are killed a day in America with a handgun, 70% of people who own handguns for protection are either killed with their own handgun or shoot a family member on accident. Now trophy hunters are a different kinda of breed, see they hunt for no other reason then to see something dead, and to preserve it in it's dead state, neat huh? Ole Chuckles was into taxidermy wasn't he? Oh that guy in Psycho was into taxidermy also too. I look forward to you re-inventing the story of your kids names on the next speaking engagement (hey maybe the druggy convention, whatta Tripp, or neat Track marks)
Oh and Sarah naw you had nothing to do with Cairo but if you find it on a map I'll paypall you a twenty. Oh little link to Safari Club International (great group of kids there)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

A beginners guide to grifting part1

Now being since Sarah's not going to help us out on this one, I am. First what is a grift? well the dictionary describes it as such (damn I miss the old paper dictionary) Money made dishonestly, as in a swindle. A swindle or confidence game. Ole Louie is a huge fan of the confidence game, or at least in the movies. The Sting, Confidence, Ocean's Eleven, and Grifter's. The first thing in grifting is ya need to be an underdog, or outsider, looks definitely need to be on the resume. Second must have is building confidence in your mark or trick as some say. Not only are they just like you but a pinch better, this gets them in the game. You can win and you'll win with me. Hand me a buck and I'll hand you back a fiver. Next is support, you need to be supported, because you have to lose and a lot to win, this gives your marks confidence in what you are doing. Any publicity is good, we used to call it stirring the pot. Pot stirring is huge because that's some money (tee shirts, coffee mugs and various bullshit). Play the victim, this is a must too, poor me and it just didn't work out this time, but it will get better if you just give me one more chance, grabbing the heart is big in a grift. "To know me is to Love Me" followed by can I have your wallet.
Part duex tomorrow... oh and this backin it up
Love ya

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt Me!

Not a letter to Sarah, but open none the less, now at the Unicorn Ranch a buddy had a big b-day that ended in a zero. While grabbing supplies, I encountered a man, now I've seen this before and love a good hustle, it usually involves a child. Well I gave the man a twenty. Now I know I know you're saying Louie, really! yeah really if you got it let it go, might even come back to you. Was it stupid.. yes it was. So someone played me... yawn

Friday, January 28, 2011

See You Next Tuesday

Holy fuck, I would use the aconoym, but HF has not caught on yet. Sarah, get out of that star spangled snuggie, drop that cruch wrap supreme turns out we've been eating sand!! yeah I trusted tacobell too, shit now the frezzer is empty and we need to go shoot something!! Yep those ole crunch wraps are half sand and it's icky. Oh Oh and we need Toad right about now, turns out those damn brownie's are hurling pot over the fence (that isn't built) so if he could add a little extension like he did at your place I think we could win the war on drugs. You and toad are still talking right? I know it's hard work but there is a massage in it for him ( plus a lube endorsment from some oil company, Iron Dog!! yeah I'm looking your way Toad *wink *wink).
Anyways we should all walk no, run like an Egyptian walking if off
PS Mrs Huff if you ever tire of married life let me know
PPS still a work in progress but open to your ideas, complaints, and general bullshit, let me know

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Iron Chef

So Sarah, I figure the new Michele Bachmann throwing her hat it the ring is a good thing, kinda like Iron Chef where the main ingredient is word salad, and I so look forward to that primary debate. Sorta plays out like this in my head like this the big debate Now as far as the ole NE story, just say it was the blue hands group, (I saw them in vegas once, never got those banging on pvc pipes, but who am I?), Oh and have you seen tood?
color me concerned


Well here we are kids, cats and kittens. (no diss on the dog lovers out there, puppies didn't work so much)
My own spudnut moment, WTF!!
This is our space to lighten up, so treat every topic as an open thread, the one thing I won't deal with is going after each other, we've had enough of that!
Given that I have a job. which sometimes get's busy, I can't promise a post a day, and guest posters are welcome. This is a work in progress, and although I work in the Tech field I have never blogged, I'll get some disgust, opps I mean disqus hooked up, so you all can be liked (although know that you're already liked).
Let's hope we can all have fun, grab a smile, and please keep you arm's and leg's inside the ride at all times.
Here we go!!!