Monday, January 31, 2011

So far eeh eeek!

Hey there Sarah, well quite the weekend in Reno, ya done well. So where has your love, Obama restrained gun rights? In Egypt? Oh I suppose cutting off their billion dollar money to Egypt is kind of gun rights. We should probably keep this to the point at hand and Safari Club Inc, wow what a show you had, not only you, but Larry the Cable Guy and Matt Lewis as Elvis!! Neat thing is the HQ is in Tuscon, kinda WTF moment, no? Now I'm a pretty open guy, but really what is a handgun for, it actually serves only one purpose, to kill another human. That's it Sarah, the only time I have seen a handgun used in hunting is Boar, which is rare and only with people who are not that great at the sport, (I use the term sport lightly). 34 people are killed a day in America with a handgun, 70% of people who own handguns for protection are either killed with their own handgun or shoot a family member on accident. Now trophy hunters are a different kinda of breed, see they hunt for no other reason then to see something dead, and to preserve it in it's dead state, neat huh? Ole Chuckles was into taxidermy wasn't he? Oh that guy in Psycho was into taxidermy also too. I look forward to you re-inventing the story of your kids names on the next speaking engagement (hey maybe the druggy convention, whatta Tripp, or neat Track marks)
Oh and Sarah naw you had nothing to do with Cairo but if you find it on a map I'll paypall you a twenty. Oh little link to Safari Club International (great group of kids there)


  1. Excellent post Louie! I question the motivation of the trophy hunter though. I think they do it to cover for what they perceive as a personal shortcoming. Somehow the spoils of A trophy hunt will make up for their own Atrophy. Sad.

    Many years ago, in the middle of the night, I was assaulted in my home while sleeping. Part of my recovery was figuring out how to prevent such a nightmare from ever occurring again. (acknowledging,ultimately, we have no control). A gun was certainly one of the considerations. A community relations police officer told me the first question I had to answer was whether or not I was willing to kill someone without hesitation. (no blinking folks!) I would also need to commit to regular target practice and maintenance of the gun or the option should be dropped.

    Realizing I would have to sleep with the gun in my hand, under the pillow, I opted for instruction in self-defense and beautiful hand wrought iron bars on every door and window. The instruction was incredibly empowering and although I thought the bars would feel like a prison, the reality is quite the opposite. I can throw open all of my windows and doors with abandon, leave them that way and never give it a second of worry. Do you love your freedoms?!

  2. Wow powerful stuff Annie, and takes a lot to share something like that. I practiced Shotokan Karate for 12+ years, then moved to Aikido. My Sensei once said that the difference in learning a martial art and a gun, was in training everyday it gave you respect for the weapon (your body), you don't have to know how to build a gun or how it works to use one.