Thursday, January 27, 2011

Iron Chef

So Sarah, I figure the new Michele Bachmann throwing her hat it the ring is a good thing, kinda like Iron Chef where the main ingredient is word salad, and I so look forward to that primary debate. Sorta plays out like this in my head like this the big debate Now as far as the ole NE story, just say it was the blue hands group, (I saw them in vegas once, never got those banging on pvc pipes, but who am I?), Oh and have you seen tood?
color me concerned


  1. Louis - Are you set to the Unicorn Ranch time zone here (Pacific)? This is sooo great - imagine, Louis with free rein on his own blog. Yippee!

  2. Haha. Took me a second. After the initial cornfusion XD

  3. Dear Louie

    you know I wish you only the best for this new venture.

    Kathleen xoxo

  4. Oh for Pete's sake Louie. Perhaps I'm missing a joke here, but it's The Blue MAN Group. The Blue HANDS Group was started by Sarah Palin herself and consists of a rag-tag collection of smelly bitches from north Vegas who got the Blue Hand by fishing used rubbers out of airplane crappers.

  5. I forgot to tell you how the Blue Hands Group became famous. They danced around in second-hand corsets juggling 10-inch chrome dildos (which they caught in mysterioous ways), singing a song they called the "Sarah Palin Rag". Wasn't actually a ragtime piece. They just sang the national anthem off-key and threw soggy sanitary napkins at a huge picture of Sarah Palin giving Hitler an Old Fashioned. The show didn't last long...