Friday, January 28, 2011

See You Next Tuesday

Holy fuck, I would use the aconoym, but HF has not caught on yet. Sarah, get out of that star spangled snuggie, drop that cruch wrap supreme turns out we've been eating sand!! yeah I trusted tacobell too, shit now the frezzer is empty and we need to go shoot something!! Yep those ole crunch wraps are half sand and it's icky. Oh Oh and we need Toad right about now, turns out those damn brownie's are hurling pot over the fence (that isn't built) so if he could add a little extension like he did at your place I think we could win the war on drugs. You and toad are still talking right? I know it's hard work but there is a massage in it for him ( plus a lube endorsment from some oil company, Iron Dog!! yeah I'm looking your way Toad *wink *wink).
Anyways we should all walk no, run like an Egyptian walking if off
PS Mrs Huff if you ever tire of married life let me know
PPS still a work in progress but open to your ideas, complaints, and general bullshit, let me know


  1. Hey Louie

    Thank You.

    Disqus would be nice for comments. This is the second time around trying to post a comment.
    Also can you bold the font? Tired eyes here.


  2. Agree on the font! Hard to read against that wonderful background.

  3. This is great and your humor as always is wonderful, but I must agree about the font - hard to read for me, too...

  4. I'll get the font and background stuff dealt with soon, hang in there I know it's hard to read at the moment, thanks for your support and comments!!

  5. Hey Louie,

    Oh jeez I just re-read my comment above. Yikes I didn't realize when I posted it how bitchy it sounded. Bad Dusty!!!

    What I meant to say was Thank you for creating this blog and I hope you will add Disqus commenting tool.

    Thanks again Louie looking forward to further posts.

  6. Dusty bitching is a good thing, this is our escape valve, shit I might have listen to a bit of david bowie right now!!

  7. Damn. I never even gave a thought to poor Sarah having to come up with something different than Taco Bell. She'll starve. :) :) :)

    Love the blog. It's funny!!

  8. Louie, thanks for the wonderful serving of smiles!

  9. Thanks Louie, laughter is the best medicine, and you do it so well!!