Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well here we are kids, cats and kittens. (no diss on the dog lovers out there, puppies didn't work so much)
My own spudnut moment, WTF!!
This is our space to lighten up, so treat every topic as an open thread, the one thing I won't deal with is going after each other, we've had enough of that!
Given that I have a job. which sometimes get's busy, I can't promise a post a day, and guest posters are welcome. This is a work in progress, and although I work in the Tech field I have never blogged, I'll get some disgust, opps I mean disqus hooked up, so you all can be liked (although know that you're already liked).
Let's hope we can all have fun, grab a smile, and please keep you arm's and leg's inside the ride at all times.
Here we go!!!


  1. Hey Louie, you meddling commenter. I'm not sure what the car crash was on Palingate Road -- but somebody didn't have their seatbelt on. Who was after who? Even mrs. Christmas says WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot?
    But you and your jammien' blog are bookmarked.
    Like I said earlier in the night:
    1. Palin's Deception
    2. Bree Palin
    3. Palingates
    4. From Safety to Where?

  2. Happy to know that you have a special Louie spot on the internet! I look forward to reading your "letters to Sarah." I would sometimes miss them if they got buried too far down in the comments.

    Cheers to you!

  3. Hi Louie, great to see another f-you Sarah blog. I have one request from my aging eyes. It's hard to read the writing with the flames as the background.

    Yet I love the symbolism of Snowflake Snooki burning in hell forever & ever.

  4. Hi, Louie, I don't know what name is going to turn up here. I'm Onemorethought on Palingates and Actcrabby on Twitter and in chat. So happy you set up a place to talk.

  5. Hey Louie, thanks for having us.

    And count me in with NYCgirl---having MUCH difficulty reading through the falme background. It's beautiful, maybe the problem is my old eyes.

  6. I agree NYC, as my eyes are the same, work in progress, so Mama Grizzly bear with me and we'll work it out... thanks for the help!!

  7. Louie, I get the feeling this is going to be a fantastic site. I like the feel of it. Is there any way that you can get in touch with Sarah & let her know that you are here. Ahahaha

  8. Louie, I agree with NYCgirl too it's difficult to read through the flames.
    I was thinking to, I would be interested in just how a blog is built. Stuff like what's the difference between disqux and intensedebate or whatever. Your witty insight on mundane issues would interest me.

  9. Thanks to you all for commenting, again anything goes here, I know I know the flames are an issue with reading (damn my graphic design minor!! style over substance--oh god I hope I don't have something in common with Sarah) In the meantime, which Jimi once said was a groovy time, you can highlight the text, drag your mouse and hold down. or just comment a lot <{8^D

  10. Hi, Louie -- thanks for the invite!

  11. Congrats on your new creative space, Louie!

    The black background and flames was a great idea. Too bad about the legibility. Sure you'll find something that works and is, also, too, beautiful.

  12. thanks curiouser, yeah as I've said work in progress, "we will work it out". which is so '80's, but everyone loves an 80's party.. looking for my kid and play beta max now!!
    love ya and thanks for your comment

  13. And out of the chaos was brought it Chronos? Is it Oaranus?

    No, its Cypher!

  14. I'm having trouble uploading my photo - it says it's too big. Any suggestions?

  15. Thank you Louie! What a welcome gift this is. You are going to have so many followers so quickly... deersarah will be a smashing success!

    Here is my catty, inconsequential, inaugural comment:
    Some were commenting last night on Sarah's choice of wardrobe. Upon further inspection, I do believe she was wearing her "funeral coat" so actually, it was a very appropriate ensemble!
    (no intent of physical harm to Ms Palin was meant by the above use of the word funeral)
    BTW whatever it says, I am drpatois

  16. Tildama here. Having a few problems trying to get on board the fun express.

    Woo hoo! Another blog is born! Why thank you Louie. It's looking a little hot and steamy over here, just the right environment for our Sarah.

    Thank you for inviting us to come and visit you at your place Louie. Congratulations and best wishes for your opening night. *cheers*

  17. Louis - thanks for having us over! Looks like a lot of familiar faces have pulled up a chair already. Make sure to drop Sarah a line so she doesn't miss any of your letters!

  18. Louie, I don't know what you mean about my photo being lubed. You can just imagine what came up when I Googled "lube photo"!

  19. I'm so happy for you & this site. It looks like it's getting 'legs' already. Also, too, with your wacky sense of humor it's going to be great.

    As Bob Marley sang 'Every little ting is going to be alright'.

  20. Louie, I am happy to see you are branching out on your own. I always enjoyed your "letters to Sarah." Maybe because of the friendly sound, as though "Come on Sarah, read between the lines, if you can grasp what we're getting at, there may be hope for you and we'd be glad to support you if you decide to try to really educate and improve yourself."

    Or maybe you write about her with foam on your lips and acid dripping on the keyboard. I don't know and don't care, I just want her gone.

    Anyway, you're witty and funny and I'm happy to follow you. But yes, lose the flames!

  21. Louie, could you put up an archive of all your previous Dear Sarah posts?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has missed many of them. You have a huge talent, a gift of humor.

  22. Louie, can't wait for your posts and will be happy to tweet them out and drive up the traffic! Your humor is wicked, so you and the witch are a match made in..hell! Oh, this is ThanksABunchJohn from PG. Love you (all the gals do)

  23. Well, I know ole Louie pretty well and I have to say his spelling is for fuck. Nevertheless, while what he says is profound, one has to work around his creative approach to spelling and diction. I believe that english is a living language and ole Louie is working hard to help it along, much like SP. Res ipsa loquitur.

  24. Hey Louie. Why don't go shake your wampum stick down at Jim's and stop beating this poor piece of shit bitch up? She's just a silly whore and doesn't deserve this.