Thursday, February 3, 2011

A tale of two channels

Well here at the Unicorn Ranch, there was a bit of cable channel surfing, I had watched/read of the escalation of violence in Egypt during the day. I wanted to know if the events had grown better or worse, hoping for the better, which sadly wasn't the case. I turned first to MSNBC and Rachel's show. What I saw there made my heart sink, but it was live coverage, very little commercial breaks and a discussion, what do we do? where do we go from here? is our President's response correct? Heady questions no doubt, but one's that needed to be asked. Now me being fair and kinda balanced, I turned to the good ole Bill O'Reily report. Bill was not there and a Fux's typical blonde woman was subbing for him (no pun intended with the use of the word subbing, but with Bill I guess it's implied at least I didn't use Luffa). Nope no live coverage instead they are debating abortion, well framed in planned parenthood, I use the term debating loosely, see a debate on fox consists of a straw man question/argument, in this case, "How many babies did taxpayer's money kill this week?". While the opposition tries to answer in a slow thought out response she is talked over with "answer the question, answer the question, we can't have a discussion if you can't answer the question" then commercial break. See I've noticed this not only on fox t.v. but radio as well, talk over the discussion, get your talking points in.. commercial break. Buy Gold bitches!! and back to the.. err debate..but we're out of time..Oh in the time it's taking me to write this post I get Hannity, who starts off with his "all american panel" which joke's about death and Camel Jockey's. keep it classy there Sean, while they pimp Uncle Rupert's new iPad propaganda machine..
god I need a shower and a brain bleach.
has it really come to this

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  1. Klannity is the lowest type of scum. Thankfully, his audience is dropping, fast, as Philadelphia has removed him from their radio market.