Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Letters, oh we get letters, we get your letter's everyday!

Hey there Sarah, wow what a week huh? At least we now know where your obsession with Bailey's begins eh? (I'll be Frank and you be Earnest). It wasn't the drink, it was the stink. That you threw under the bus, turns out if you throw enough people under the bus there is a good chance of the wheels coming off. Now let me thank you for the fake other fake fakebook page, I think there was a shout out to Ole Louie there with the Lou Sarah title (was that a tingle I felt up my leg? actually it was me pissing myself with laughter.. boxers, briefs....depends).
Now I suppose in all of this unrest and turmoil  going on, you're wondering where is your bestest ever bud Louie?, Well I've been trying to untangle the mess that is the Fux newb talking points, and you’re a journalist right? We need the who, what, why, and where,, stat!
 I'll help you with this, who, financed Walker, WI Ranger, (Koch Bro's to the tune of 43K, a bunch more of that in ads yea!! Citizen’s United!! ), What was Moammar Gadhafi going on about? (Now you would be some serious help here, do you do Arabic word salad, also too?). Why does giving tax breaks to the rich and union busting help the economy again? Where is Toad?
 The one journalistic thing that Fux has going for it, is endlessly bashing Obama, the First Lady, and selling some gold!! (seems to be a lot of work at home, gold scams, real-estate stuff going on at the ole AM network that is Fuxed, I’ve said it before I’ll say it again, if I was a lesser man, I would love to have that bagger mailing list, or as the O’Jay’s sang “Money, Money, Money”)
Now here's my thing Sarah, I went to a few anti-war protests (I was in SF and smoking some really good pot at the time but that is neither here nor there, just being a green meanie). When they started putting Hitler mustaches on G.W. Bush and burning him in effigy it was out of line. To be truthful I did joke about First Lady Barbara.. Saying that she looked a lot like George...Washington.. I  ended up feeling a bit bad about that. I like a good joke (kinda why I like you) but let's all cool it down, call it a fun run...
Hey there is always 2016, maybe Brusty or Wallow’s could carry the torch


  1. I like your background Louie. Love your humor!

  2. Or carry the babies...whichever come first uh?
    Good Job Louie, I miss talking to you.