Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Brahhzaat!!! Goes My Raygun!!

Hey there Sarah, sorry for the silence, we here at the Unicorn Ranch were celebrating that good ole terrorist sympathizing, tax hiking, deficit raising, wealth distributing (to the wealthy) President.. No no not your wishful snuggle bunny Obama, but Reagan. more on that. . Well it was fun, we rolled a bum for a cig, drank good scotch, and said, "I don't remember" a lot, just like Reagan!! Now Sarah I gotta give you some props, not a single gaffe in thirty minutes..Wow color me shocked! Although you did go from there to CBN, and I noticed how close the "b" is to the "n" perhaps you thought it was CNN? Regardless, you are gonna help journalists out? Awesome! how about you start with letting the press into you little speeches? See we called at 3am and it did not go to the answering machine, nope said, "We're sorry this line has been disconnected".. Now the important thing is jobs, and getting off that "road to ruin" and in that vein we need to abolish planned parenthood, because that's a job buster right there! See I figured it out anything with the word "hood" in it is bad, and scary (to tell you the truth). Muslim brotherhood, hoodies,(black or white), red ridinghood, "boy's in the hood", neighborhood (unless it's in real america), Hood College, see these are all bad and scary! You see where I'm going, so double down and trickle down.. Oh and need to talk to Bristy love ya 
P.S. dear readers Louie's been a bit busy, there is a link there on the Reagan Myth, but not showing and don't have time right now... sigh more later and I'll clean this act up... but hey we got the flames solved for the moment

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